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If you're looking to replace your existing garage door, Maynards Garage Door Repair offers a large variety of high quality doors backed by some of the best warranties the industry has to offer. All at an affordable price.

Things To Consider When Shopping For A New Garage Door

Purchasing a new garage door for your home can be an exciting process, however it can quickly become overwhelming when faced with the multitude of options available to you. Here are a few of the more important things to consider when starting the process.

Design & Color

Perhaps the most important decision when it comes to shopping for your new door is its design. A doors "stamp pattern" refers to what design will be stamped into the steel that faces outwards. Whether you are looking for a subtle more traditional design, or something a bit more sleek and modern, Maynards has over 50 stamp patterns and a near infinite color selection to choose from to help ensure you get the garage door that you're envisioning.




After choosing your doors design, it's on to deciding if you'd like a non insulated, or insulated garage door, and if the latter, how insulated. A door's insulation is given an, "R-Value" which refers to how well the door protects the garage from drastic temperature changes. Non insulated doors offer little protection against high and low temperatures and are given an R-Value of 0. Where as a thicker door with polyurethane insulation can provide an R-Value as high as 19.4.

Windows & Decorative Hardware

Adding windows to your garage door can be a great way to bring natural light into your garage. It also can provide your door with a unique look that adds fantastic curb appeal. Same goes for decorative hardware such as handles or other outside additions. With over 50 window design options to choose from as well as mosaic customization, Maynards gives you the chance to truly make your door unique.



Unless you are looking to change your garage door out every few years, a good warranty is a must. The term and coverage of a warranty can act as a good measure of the quality of the door being installed. Many of our doors here at Maynards come standard with an extensive lifetime Warranty, and every door has the option to upgrade your warranty to a lifetime one if you so choose.

Installing a New Opener

Although not required, installing a new opener at the same time as your new door makes for a truly transforming garage experience. Maynards is proud to offer some of the best openers the industry has, all backed with a lifetime motor warranty. The biggest complaint we hear about garage door openers is how loud they are. A new door mated with a new opener is by far the best way to ensure an ultra quiet door for a long time to come.


Who You Buy From

Let's be honest, when it comes to purchasing a new door, choices exist beyond Maynards. However, we believe that here at Maynards Garage Door Repair, we offer the best of it all. A wide selection, a fantastic warranty, trained and licensed installers, great customer service, and most important, affordability. So while we know you have options, we'd love to get together and show you everything we have to offer!

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