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Maynards Garage Door Repair is proud to sell and install some of the most reliable and trustworthy openers on the market. Whether you are looking for reliability at an affordable price, or looking to add some smart features to your garage, you can be sure that Maynards has a great option for you.

Below you will find our current model lineup available for install, click on any model for more information. Already have something particular in mind? We can help you with that too, simply contact us for a quote!


Our most popular model, and for good reasons. The Linear LDCO801 opener is a 3/4HP belt driven motor that lives up to the Ultra Quiet reputation of belt driven openers.


If you're looking to put some smarts in your garage, look no further than the Liftmaster 87504. Equipped with an LED halo light, a built in security camera, battery backup and more, this model truly is the best of the best.


Limited headroom in your garage? Looking to add some extra space above your door? The Liftmaster 8500 & 8500W are the perfect solution. Rather than being mounted center back from the door, these models are mounted in either upper corner of your door.


Reliability meets affordability with the Linear LDO50 garage door opener. A 1/2HP chain driven motor that will keep your door operating smoothly for years to come.


Who ever said adding smarts to your garage had to come with a high price tag? The 8164W is a fantastic chain driven opener that comes with built in WiFi allowing you to take full advantage of Liftmasters MyQ app.


Sleek, quiet, smart, and bright. The 84501 from Liftmaster offers it all. A virtually maintenance free belt driven motor that has WiFi built right in.

Replacing an old garage door opener? Your old one is worth something to us! Maynards is the only garage door repair company that offers a Trade-Up Credit for trading in your old opener when upgrading to a new one.

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