Maynards Opener Trade-Up Program

Other companies charge you to haul away your old motor and then proceed to throw it in the trash. At Maynards, we take recycling serious and we realize that old openers still have much to offer, even if your old one is no longer working. Because of that, we are proud to be the only company that will provide you with a trade-up credit that can be applied towards the purchase of a new opener when we replace your old one. Schedule a free opener replacement quote today to find out how much your old opener is worth.

Opener Trade-Up Process


Schedule a free, Opener Replacement Quote. You can schedule an appointment by phone, email, or easily right here on our website.

It Really Is That Easy!

So whether your current opener is working or not, schedule a free appraisal today and get paid to upgrade!


Please note that when using the Opener Trade-Up Program, discounts or other promotions can not be combined and/or stacked on top of your trade in value unless otherwise stated. Maynards will always honor whichever offer results in the lowest price.